How can we help you?

At OOTP Developments, we're always anxious to help you resolve any issues with our products!

online manual

Have a look at our online manual

Knowledge base

We have created a detailed Knowledge Base that answers all of the most common questions we receive about purchasing, licensing, or playing OOTP Developments' games. Please try the Knowledge Base first!

message board

If you wish to be informed, visit our message boards frequently. It's also the place where you can discuss features, get tipps & tricks, find mods and join online leagues! And often it's the better place for support requests. Questions like "why are there so many trades in my league?" or "why did I get fired?" should not be discussed in a support ticket, but on the forums.

Note: NEVER post your Serial Number/Order ID on our message boards or in public! However, it is safe to post this information in a support ticket if so requested by one of our support staff.

Submit a support ticket

If you can't find the answer to your question in the online documentation, or on the forums, or in the knowledge base, please submit a support ticket through our automated support center! We will get back to you as soon as possible! Please don't forget to tell us which game, version number, and operating system you use.